Journalism – the next generation

We’ve got a very special meeting this month organised by our student rep John Gillespie, who has put together a panel of student speakers to talk about their journalism dissertation topics. 

We had a huge turnout at a similar event last year, so we’ve booked the large room at the Quaker Meeting House on Victoria Terrace. The event is in conjunction with Edinburgh and District Branch.

Here is the line-up:

  • Jamie Braidwood: How do online sports news websites engage their audiences?
  • Beth Murray: Is there a contradiction between the ethos of UK women’s magazines and the content they publish?
  • Iain Leggat: Is podcasting just chasing the audience or does it contribute to a new form of journalism- what makes a successful daily news podcast in the UK?
  • Adam Zawadzki: Is the British press able to hold the power of the four big multinational corporations to account effectively in the 21st century?

Q&A to follow.

We’re expecting a lot of students to be there – please come along to welcome them to the union.


Hot dissertation topics discussed by the next generation of journalists


Quaker Meeting House

7 Victoria Terrace, above, Victoria St, Edinburgh EH1 2JL