Facts and Fake News, Balance and Bias

The discussion at our meeting on Monday 17 September will be on the topical theme of Facts and Fake News, Balance and Bias.

Is the Conservative MP Damian Collins correct to say “we are facing nothing less than a crisis in our democracy based on the systematic manipulation of data to support the relentless targeting of citizens without their consent by campaigns of disinformation and messages of hate”?

Is journalist Gavin Esler correct to say “the idea of supposed ‘balance’ when confronted by ‘campaigns of disinformation and hate’ is especially problematic”?

Leading the discussion on Monday will be:

Alastair Brian, fact-checker for the Ferret Fact Service, who has worked for STV News, ITV Border and BBC Scotland across features, news and politics, and runs fact-checking workshops across the country

Iain Macwhirter, the Herald’s political commentator, broadcaster and radio presenter

Joyce McMillan, Scotsman columnist and democracy campaigner

It’s a hot topic, so we’ll be expecting lots of contributions from the floor as well.

Please note we’ll be in the Filmhouse again.

Film Guild Room
88 Lothian Road Edinburgh EH3 9BZ
0131 228 6382

You get to the Film Guild room via the corridor to the left of the bar/restaurant. Be aware there may be films showing, so please keep conversation to a minimum until you’re in the room.

I look forward to seeing you there.