AGM 18 January

Happy new year, everyone.

Our first branch meeting of the year will be a busy and important one. It’s our annual general meeting when we elect the various office holders. These are the posts and the current incumbents:

Chair (currently Joyce McMillan)
Vice-chair (currently Thom Dibdin)
Secretary (currently Mark Fisher)
Membership secretary (currently Andy Moore)
Treasurer (currently Joyce McMillan)
Training (currently Bob Smyth)
Edinburgh Trade Union Council rep (currently Simon Barrow)
Welfare (currently Paul Cockburn)
Student rep (currently Alex Shaw)
Auditor 1 (currently Simon Barrow)
Auditor 2 (currently Rob Edwards)

Please let me know if you’d like to stand for any of these posts.

We’ll also have a chance to look over the preliminary agenda of the forthcoming Delegate Meeting and elect two members to attend as delegates. The meeting is in Southport, 15–17 April; please let me know if you would like to go. Follow the link here to see the preliminary agenda online:

A reminder that you can now keep up to date with the branch on Twitter at: @NUJ_EFB and on our shiny new website:

Film Guild Room
88 Lothian Road
Edinburgh EH3 9BZ
0131 228 6382

You get to the Film Guild room via the corridor to the left of the bar/restaurant. Be aware there may be films showing, so please keep conversation to a minimum until you’re in the room.

I look forward to seeing you there.

Mark Fisher
NUJ Edinburgh Freelance Branch