16 May Women in power – women in the media

At this month’s meeting we’ll be focusing on the voice of women in journalism and in society at large. We’ll be taking into account the intake of the new Scottish parliament, looking at how cuts are having a disproportionate effect on women and considering ways to achieve a better gender balance in public and professional life.

Scotsman columnist and branch chair Joyce McMillan will lead the discussion.
More details to follow.
A reminder that you can now keep up to date with the branch on Twitter at: @NUJ_EFB and on our website: https://www.edinburgh-freelance.org.uk


Film Guild Room
88 Lothian Road  
Edinburgh EH3 9BZ
0131 228 6382

You get to the Film Guild room via the corridor to the left of the bar/restaurant. Be aware there may be films showing, so please keep conversation to a minimum until you’re in the room.
I look forward to seeing you there.