Review: Before the Hudson and the Liffey

Branch member Richard Purden praises a compelling and vibrant tribute to James Connolly and his journey from the Cowgate to becoming one of the key figures in the Easter Rising.

Before the Hudson and the Liffey cast in the Dunard Library credit Mihaela Bodlovic

Cast and production team of Before the Hudson and the Liffey. Picture: Mihaela Bodlovic

James Connolly remains a contentious figure for many. In the broad sweep there are an abundance of assumptions and myths around the Irish Republican leader that give his legacy a cultish, underground flavour. In a recent essay his great-nephew, the late Ian Bell, suggested that when it came to what you knew of James Connolly, even among his family, he was “famous, chiefly for getting himself killed”. This is a common experience in Scotland. Continue reading